Matt, are you really making another website....

Yes, why yes I am! And I promise this time, I'll actually update it. Well I'll try to, and at least the photos will auto-update!

For those of you not acquainted with my various adventures in websites, my name is Matt. And I like to travel. I don't do it nearly as much as I would like, but when I do, I love to take photos of what I see, whether it be a building, clouds, the airplane boarding process, or natural wonders. I blame my parents for my travel love, as I grew up next to an airport, and in the olden times, one way to entertain me as a child was to take me to see the airplanes at the airport (this was of course when you could go to the gate for fun).  On this website I'll be sharing my photos, as well as some the interesting travel stories I've amassed over the past 9 years of independent travel.  

Since 2007 I have (according to App in the Air),

  • Visited 14 Countries (two more coming soon!);
  • Visited 120 Cities (I wonder what a city means in this case!);
  • Flown to 59 Airports (my least favorite one is Denver...I always get a headache!);
  • Flown on 15 different airlines (that seems high to me);
  • Traveled on 34 Different kinds of Airplanes (are there even that many?);
  • Flown 232,694 miles (that seems a little low, oddly enough), and
  • Spent 624 hours in the air (that's 26 days)!