Take the Plane to the Game, and then walk the rest of the way!

In early April, I was able to fly up from DC for the day to watch a New York Mets baseball game at Citi Field in Queens.  While the performance on the field from the 2015 National League Champions was lackluster at best, I discovered something amazing on my whirlwind baseball trip: there is an easy to find, well marked walking path from Laguardia Airport to Citi Field. The walk only takes 20 minutes and lets you breeze by the constant gridlock after a game and at the airport! 

The Flushing Bay Promenade is a 1.5 mile paved walkway that connects LaGuardia Airport to the World's Fair Marina, and then right to Citi Field. To find it, you need to make your way to the Delta Terminal (that is Terminal B to non-New Yorkers) and exit the building on the lower departures level. After walking along the approach roadway to the terminal for about 200 feet, you will find the promenade. From there, it is an easy walk (follow the throngs of Mets fans parking and under the highway for free) right to the stadium.

The pathway itself is lovely, and provides great views of airplanes landing and taking off at the airport as well as all the traffic on the Grand Central Parkway that you are defeating by walking to the game! On the Sunday afternoon I used it to get back to the airport, there were plenty of families out enjoying the day as well as some other Mets fans heading home.  While it was cold (it was the first weekend of the baseball season) the walk was easy, fast, and let me save 15-20 dollars to get back from the game. 

The trail's existence owes itself to some great New York City history.  Citi Field (and the much loved, but also terrible Shea Stadium it replaced) sits in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, the site of the 1964-1965 World's Fair.  While Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and it's a small world left Queens long ago, the Fair's infrastructure - its parking lots, pathways, and even its train/subway station still exist, frozen in time since the 1960s. In addition Laguardia Airport is only a mile away, so close that landing airplane are part of the sounds of Mets baseball. (Do you now know why I love baseball and airplanes?)

Overall, this trail lets you save at least 30 dollars on ground transportation when going to a game, and gives you just enough exercise to justify that Nathan's Hot Dog as well a helmet sundae!  It also may be a way to reach public transit from LGA when traveling light!