Even more plan changes...and how to see glaciers in Argentina.

My revised schedule of Adventures in Patagonia, now with more time to sleep.

My revised schedule of Adventures in Patagonia, now with more time to sleep.

So after making a number of changes to my trip to Argentina/Chile last night, i decided that the schedule I had crafted was, while brilliant, probably in need of one more day of slack. By elimating the falls, I had given myself an extra day in Buenos Ares at the end of my trip (my flight from Ushuaia gets in before noon, my flight to New York on the way back to DC doesn't leave until nearly 10:00 pm that evening). I also had cut my time in Punta Arenas down to the bare minimum, which didn't leave me much time to do much besides see Penguins while there. 

Considering this, I decided the only course of action is to leave Buenos Ares for San Carlos de Bariloche a day earlier.  As I would move everything up a day, this would mean I would get to Punta Arenas a day earlier, leaving myself an extra day in the town to explore as well as more time to find and catch the bus to Puerto Natales. While this means I lose a day exploring Buenos Ares, I think it's the best use of my time.

Now my schedule/logistics are locked down, I can begin to lock down the tours I'm going to take while I'm in Patagonia.  Normally, I would be all about discovering places throughout my travels on my own, its hard to get to an island full of baby penguins or a glacier by yourself.  And while I don't have the travel budget for a fancy multi-day Viking River Cruise-like experience (one day), there are plenty of tours and adventure experiences that won't break the bank available in each of the places I'm visiting.  And there's even a website out there that allows me to search them the same way I would search for and buy hotel rooms, Viator.com.  This website, which functions like a marketplace for tours around the earth has plenty of options for tours throughout Patagonia for me.  For example, maybe while I'm in San Carlos de Bariloche, I'll go on a sightseeing tour around Nahuel Huapi Lake. When I go to El Calafate, I'll take a whole day tour/boat ride to see the Perito Moreno Glacier. There are many other tours I'm considering throughout my trip, and the best part is that Viator will allow me to make all these arrangements at once! Plus they have plenty of reviews from people who have taken the tours so I can figure out which ones will be best for me!  This way, I can see the things I want to see, and not have to worry about how to get there!

And of course there's an app for that.

ave you used Viator.com? Any suggestions on other places to find day tours and make arrangements without breaking the bank?