I'm on my way!

My View from the Admirals Club at DCA

My View from the Admirals Club at DCA

So I'm already through security and am waiting for my flight to Miami, my first stop en route to Argentina. I was a bit concerned about making sure my passport and entry visa would be in order, but check in at the airport was a breeze! I was even able to switch my seat to one with a power plug on the long flight to Argentina, which is very helpful.

To say I'm nervous is an understatement, but waiting for my flight in the club always helps! I've already heard three puns by out of town travelers about Congress, which is midly amusing. Plus a free glass of wine always helps.

Just as an update, I booked three more tours/adventures during my trip including two more penguin visits and an off-road trek by 4x4 in Tierra del Fuego. I think I have a good mix on this trip of time to explore along with experiences that a solo traveler couldn't easily do on their own. Which brings me to my next point. You. You'll all be on this trip with me, at least metaphorically as I'll be posting pictures, stories, and other tales throughout this trip. I'll also be posting other photos to my Instagram account, which if you don't have can also follow in the photos section of the site. Feel free to ask questions or even tweet hello!  Now let's go to Patagonia!

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